1 Peter - Chapter 4


Because 1 peter is a letter, verse one of chapter four is a continuance of thought. In the present case chapter verse breaks do not necessarily assist in our understanding. The suffering of Christ to bring us into a right standing with God, is central motivation that we would obey following His example. The thought is again stated as reason for us to be finished or done with sin and live the rest of our earthly lives for evil human desires, but rather for the will of God. Peter will in this context again remind us that persecution is not something that should come as a surprise to us, rather that believers should expect it, even rejoice in the fact that such persecution allows us to participate in the sufferings of Christ. 1. What should we arm ourselves with? V1 2. Why would suffering for Christ be a demonstration that one is done with sin? V1 3. What determines that one is not going to live the rest of their life for evil human desires? V2 4. What surprises non-believers about us? (pagans NIV) V4 5. In their “surprise” what do they do? V4 6. What will they do? V5 7. What “label” is given to those to whom the gospel was preached? V6 8. How would those to whom the gospel was preached be considered dead? V6 9. What are those who are dead judged by in regard to the body? V6 10. How do they live according to the spirit? V6 11. Why are these whom Peter was addressing to be alert and of a sober mind? V7 (two reasons) 12. What is above all? V8 13. What does love do? V8 I Peter chapter 4 14. Supply a first century definition of “hospitality.” V9 15. How are we to offer hospitality? V9 16. What are we to use serving others? V10 17. In doing this (question 16) what are we? V10 18. How are the various gifts we possess to be understood? V10 19. What should the one who speaks say? V11 20. How should the one who serves serve? V11 Why? 21. What are we not to be surprised by? V12 22. Why are we to rejoice? V13 23. What are we when we are insulted because of the name of Christ? V14 24. What “rests” upon us when this happens? V14 25. What is a meddler? Find the first century definition of the word translated meddler. V15 26. What are we not to be when we suffer as a Christian? V16 27. Where does judgment begin? V17 28. What is hard for the righteous? V18 29. What two things should those who suffer do? V19