I Peter 5 - Sunday Night Class (3/11/18)

1. What was Peter according to verse one? (three things)
2. What did Peter instruct the elders to be? V2
3. What is “God’s Flock” under? V2
4. What are the shepherds doing in verse two?
5. How should they do this? V2
6. What are shepherds not to do? V2
7. What are shepherds to be eager to do? V2
8. What does “lording over” mean?
9. What is the relationship between members and elders?
10. How are shepherd to lead in verse three?
11. What is the reward for shepherding? V4
12. What kind of crown? V4
13. How are the younger to submit themselves to the elders? V5
14. Who is our relationship to one another to be shown/seen or made known? V5
15. Why are we to be humble to one another? Proverbs 3:34 v6
16. What are we doing “under God’s mighty hand?” V6
17. When will God lift us up? V6
18. How do you accomplish this in your life? V7
19. Why are we to be alert and of sober mind? V8
20. Why does a lion prowl? V8
21. What is this lion and what is it seeking to do? V8
22. What is a primary took to use against the devil? V9
23. What encourages us to stand firm? V9
24. How much grace? V10
25. What did he call us to? V10
26. After what? V10
27. What will he do? V10
28. To what does the “power” refer?v11
29. What did Silas do? V12
30. Who is in Babylon and what do you think it means? V13
31. How are they to greet one another? V14
32. To who is peace declared? V14