child praying   Youth Group Leaders ----- Karen Griffin, Vivian Fisher, Jason Jeffcoat

     Shafter Youth Group

     The Shafter youth group meets Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. During this time, junior high students and below are welcome and invited to enjoy pizza  and  soda, hang out, and explore the bible. Generally students begin by grabbing a slice of pizza and a soda and catching up with their friends. Part way into  the  evening, the youth leaders facilitate a spiritual lesson and discussion.  Lessons/discussions range from “what it means to be a Christian” and how to accept God’s salvation to character studies and topical discussions. 
The youth are encouraged to keep knocking and seeking, and doors will be open and  truth will be found. 


We are working with words that are from the Bible. Reading from the Bible, as well as songs praising God and his Blessed Son, Jesus.

 Estamos trabajando con palabras que son de la Biblia. Lectura de la Biblia, así como canciones alabando a Dios y su bendito hijo Jesús.

 Come and join the fun!